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Where To Go For A Post-Hangover Kebab In Canberra

Canberrans have a well documented history of fiercely defending their favourite post-bender pick-me-ups. Some will argue that a Big Mac will hit the spot and others, a KFC Zinger box. However for some of us, we know that there is only one meal that’s truly capable of destroying a hangover.

The humble chicken kebab.

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Like it’s counterpart the Halal Snack Pack (HSP), Kebabs have become a gateway for cultural acceptance and racial tolerance. The multitude of Turkish pide houses that exist in Canberra only speak to the popularity of both Kebabs and the Turkish culture.

As both a passionate journalist and irresponsible drinker, I hit the town with my buddies vodka and tequila, and ventured to Mooseheads for a wild night out. The next morning, in fine fashion, I woke up and began my search for the best kebabs in Canberra.

 Charnwood Turkish Pide

Thick, juicy meat and a warm pide. Pretty good start if you ask me.

What and Where

Situated in the Charnwood shopping precinct, Charnwood Turkish Pide have been serving delicious kebabs since 2010. They offer an extensive range of Turkish treats, with straight-to-door delivery for all of those who are still drunk from last nights escapade.

The kebab

While the presentation of the kebab left room for improvement, my goodness, the taste made up for it. Reeling from the poison I had consumed the night prior, I was hungrier than ever. As soon as I took the first bite I felt a cosmic shift, as if all the alcohol had been completely exonerated from my body. The chicken was soft and moist and was perfectly carved from the spit. The bread was warm, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The salad was fresh and the hummus and garlic sauces I had chosen seemed to highlight the incredible savouriness of the kebab.


For $13.50, I was not only impressed but completely satisfied. Definitely check these out if you’re in the Belconnen area.


Lyneham Turkish Pide and Kebabs

                                                            What and where

Lyneham Turkish Pide and Kebabs is not one to disappoint with this full flavoured bundle of joy.

Sitting at the top of the Lyneham shops, this pide house offers a homely atmosphere complete with couches and tables for in-house dining, and delivery for those who would prefer to indulge at home.

The Kebab

This kebab was unique for a number of reasons. Number one being the bread was only lightly toasted, resulting in a soft, airy texture that absorbed the juices of both the chicken and sauces well.

Number two, the garlic sauce and hummus were combined BEFORE being put on the kebab. This meant that the chicken and salad were completely coated in the sauce for the entirety of the creation process, and it made a huge difference.

Finally, the kebab was served in a bag. A bag? You might be curious as to why this is important, but you’d be surprised at the lack of safe carrying methods available to kebab-goers once the steaming hot parcel hits the bench. Far too often we’re left with burnt hands and fingers from the ‘negligence’ of kebab workers everywhere, but not these guys, they were on the ball.


For only $12, these kebabs are a great option for those who actually want money for this week’s rent. Lyneham and O’Connor peeps, you have a winner here.


Yarralumla Turkish Hilal Pide House

That moment before your first bite.

What and Where

Now, Yarra Kebabs have a reputation for being the absolute best in all of Canberra. Ask anyone from around the central Canberra area and they’ll be sure to direct you to Yarralumla Turkish Hilal Pide house on Novar Street. Known for their generous portion sizes, vibrant atmosphere and amazing service, Yarralumla Turkish Hilal Pide House has long been my favourite Turkish place in all of Canberra. They offer home delivery, and if you’re wanting a mega-feed for your next alcohol induced sleepover they offer catering services too!

The Kebab

Every time I grab a Yarra kebab I become more and more grateful for this fine establishment. Like red wine, these kebabs get better and better with time. The bread was toasted to absolute perfection, with a crisp outer shell, and soft warm centre. The accompanying sauces were a cooling and soothing contrast to the piping hot crispy chicken found deep in the centre of the kebab.


The best part of a Yarra kebab is the generosity of portion sizes. The chicken was the feature piece, complimented perfectly by the lettuce, tomato, tabouli and cheese. The ratios are perfect and are definitely a superior differentiating element between these kebabs and others. The salad and sauces are supposed to play side-kick to the meat, and that’s what Yarralumla Turkish Hilal Pide House stay true to with their kebabs.


With quality and quantity in mind, $12 for a Yarra kebab is an absolute steal. Would you rather buy Apple Air pods for $200 or 16 Yarra kebabs?


Zehni’s Turkish Kitchen

                                                      What and Where

It’s bigger than my head, and that’s saying something.

So here we are, lucky last. Zehni’s Turkish Kitchen is a beautiful Turkish restaurant situated in the heart of Gungahlin Marketplace, opposite Coles. This restaurant has a modern decor, with warm lighting and a welcoming feel. Diners are treated to a modern Turkish menu, with old classics and new dishes all available for purchase. Delivery is available for Gungahlin residents who still have alcohol lurking in their systems after a big night out.

The Kebab

Let’s get this out of the way, this was the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life. Imagine a perfect roast chicken, fat dripping off it and skin blistering. This is the type of chicken Zehni’s use. It was so juicy yet not soggy at all. It’s a scientific miracle, the perfect kebab chicken, I’m not even sure that Area 51 could create chicken so perfect. It was also much saltier than chicken you get from other pide houses, which actually worked really well with the mountains of tabouli in my kebab.

The contrast between soft, juicy chicken, crunchy, fresh salad and the wonderfully smooth sauces added was mouthwatering. The bread was really soft too, which helped to soak up all the juices, and made for a delightful texture.


$11.50 for this kebab. Being the cheapest kebab on this list, it could be up there with being the most valuable.

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