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Four weird ways to get fit in Canberra

Have you always sucked at sports? Get easily bored at the gym?

Here are four totally untraditional fitness trends that will get you excited about working out!

Float Yoga with Joga Yoga

Float yoga: photography by Jo Flynn

Do not, for one second, believe that you can do this class and stay dry. It just won’t happen. Practicing all your classic yoga positions on a flotation device adds an extra layer to the popular workout. Focusing on holding the instructor’s poses without falling into the water leaves no room for any outside thoughts. This class is perfect for anyone with a wandering mind as it allows you to fully switch off.

That is, until you hear a splash and a scream, and join the rest of the class in laughing at whoever just fell in.

Float yoga is perfect for those looking for some fun, but if you take yoga seriously, this one might not be for you. It’s hard to concentrate on your centre when everyone around you is falling in.

Float yoga: photography by Jo Flynn

Hot yoga at Bikram yoga Canberra

Downward Dog becomes considerably harder when you have beads of sweat cascading down your forehead.

The studio is heated to a whopping 38 degrees with a 40% humidity reading to help detoxify your body and improve the elasticity of your muscles. While it’s definitely harder than traditional yoga, the hot air helps oxygenate your whole body, so each class leaves you feeling twice as refreshed.

Bikram yoga was designed for people who are rehabilitating from an injury or getting back into sport after a long break, so it is perfect for people of all fitness levels and abilities.

Roller Skiing

Roller skiing with Hannes: photography by Ebony Heins
Roller skiing with Hannes: photography by Ebony Heins

A full-body workout, everything from arms, legs and core were used as Hanne, from Canberra Cross Country Skiing club taught us how to glide. If you have been skiing before, you’ll pick this up fast.  It’s the same movements and balance, only with a dash of fear of wiping out on gravel instead of snow. Hanne’s provides everything you need to give this sport a try; ski’s, boots, sticks and helmets. The class is open to all ages, and once you’ve perfected it, there are plenty of off-road roller skiing groups you can join.

Pole dancing at the Brass Room

The Brass Room brings seduction to strength training. This class will certainly get you out of your comfort zone if you are looking to try something new. The body positive studio will help you build your fitness and confidence, with all the inspiring instructors making you feel both beautiful and strong as you constantly fall off the pole. Owner, Katy Eve, and her team of instructors offer a fitness alternative for people looking for an empowering community. Each teacher offers their own style of pole lessons, so after building your skills in the beginner’s class, you can find the style that best fits your taste.

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