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Review: John Howard REALLY sucked

Former model and self-proclaimed “Funnyman” Jordan Shanks brought comedy and clear disdain for politicians to the right town. The audience ate up Shanks not-so-subtle punches at one of Australia’s longest serving Prime Ministers.

Jordan Shanks at UC Hub

John Howard REALLY sucked was more than just a comedy show. Jordie’s intricate knowledge of macro-economics, Australian Prime Ministers and Treasurers made for one of the funniest economics lectures the UC Hub has ever hosted.

Jordan’s show has you in deep thought regarding structural changes Labor made to the economy one minute, and laughing at the stark resemblance between Morning show star Kylie Gillies and a breakfast bar the next.

As is probably clear by the title, and all of his YouTube videos, Jordan’s comedy has some bias. Shanks himself suggested giving this show a miss if you support anything John Howard did, describing any Liberal voters in the audience as ‘masochists.’ But if you enjoy slap-in-the-face comedy and cheesy caricatures, your political leaning will not stop you from enjoying the show. 

Jokes about the Liberal’s economic policies resonated particularly deep with the upcoming election, dubbing them “the Buzzfeed of Australian politics.” Shanks didn’t just pick on the Liberal Party: targeting not only our ruling party but journalists, hipsters, and of course, himself. Although, his show did make me wonder; how much of it was written by Bill?

Before entering the live comedy show scene Jordan took to youtube. With over 250 videos online and over 430,000 social media followers, he is trying to bring enjoyment into learning about socio-economics and politics. This comedy show is based off a well-researched knowledge of Australia’s economic and political climate. Shank’s time studying international politics at the University of New South Wales was put to good use on the stage, but he said it best himself, “I missed my calling, I should’ve worked for big banks.” Jordan’s humorous knowledge of Australian politics is not limited to his live show: having addressed these issues on his youtube channel many times, from the housing bubble,

To climate change.

For those of you who have frequented the FriendlyJordies YouTube page, this live show will show you Jordan Shanks has always belonged on the stage.

If you want to check our Jordan Shanks mocking people other than politicians, you can check out more of FriendlyJordies’ content here.

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