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The Best Bubble Teas in Canberra

Bubble tea also known as milk tea or boba is one of the most fun, delicious and addictive drinks commonly available to us today. It is a Taiwanese tea-based drink usually consisting of tea, milk, sugar, and toppings. With so many flavours and toppings available it’s easy to get creative. Bubble tea is becoming increasingly popular with time and there’s plenty of great ones to find in Canberra. So if you’re looking for the best places to get bubble tea in Canberra, this is the list for you.



Chatime’s Tropical Green Tea with Mango Pearls & Aloe Vera

Chatime is one of the biggest bubble tea branches in the world. They offer a large variety of teas to choose from. Here you have a selection of different flavours of teas within three categories, which are milky, fruity and frozen. Toppings consist of flavours such as pearls, popping pearls, custard, aloe vera, herbal jelly, red bean, and even mousse. Other options include hot tea alternatives and adjusting ice and sugar levels on the drink. I would recommend their delicious Frozen Thai Milk Tea with custard or a Tropical Green Tea with pearls and aloe vera. You should definitely have some fun mixing all sorts of flavours and toppings with every visit. Finding a Chatime branch is easy to find, as there are a total of five in Canberra, including two at the Australian National University campus as well as Belconnen, Gungahlin, and Woden.

Price: $5.45 – $5.95 for Regular Size, $0.60 for Toppings

Rating: 4/5



Sharetea Canberra

Located in the Canberra City Centre, ShareTea sells a variety of incredible bubble tea drinks for even cheaper prices than Chatime. There are two categories to choose from, milky and fruity, with each containing several different options. The milk tea flavours include black, green, oolong, honeydew, lychee, mango, okinawa, matcha, strawberry, thai, chocolate, and taro. These drinks are perfect for any weather, and all have great taste. If it’s too cold outside and you’re craving something warm, they offer hot tea alternatives for most of their drinks. Toppings are also essential in making the most out of your drinks, including pearls, mini pearls, pudding, lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, herbal jelly, mango jelly, and red bean. For an extra dollar, a cream cheese top is also a great addition to the tea. Keep an eye out for special, limited time offer drinks as well! ShareTea occasionally offers new drinks to try out, perfect for different seasons and occasions. This is some top-notch bubble tea. I’d recommend a Taro Milk Tea with pearls or a Thai Milk Tea with pudding and cream cheese top.

Price: $4.70 – $5.30 for Regular Size, $0.60 for Toppings

Rating: 4.5/5

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Milk drinks are my new favorite now ig😖😻 • • 🥤: Boba Fresh Milk, Fresh Thai Milk 🌟: 4.5/5, 4.5/5

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Elora Canberra

This milk tea branch offers great tasting traditional bubble tea and makes incredible tasting milk tea with cream. Elora’s menu includes milk teas with cheese and a variety of fruity teas. The milk tea range here is small.  However, they also serve fruit tea and crushes. The basic milk tea choices here include assam, jasmine, rose, vanilla, and pearl. Another category in the menu is “milk tea & cloud,” which are specialty milk tea drinks with cream cloud on top. These drinks include purple sweet potato, matcha, chocolate, strawberry, and avocado. Additionally, there are also six toppings to choose from, including oreos and pearls. If you’re looking for something new to try, grab a Strawberry on Cloud with pearls or any of their fruity cheese crushes. Elora also sells fried chicken wings and savoury Chinese crepes to go with their delicious bubble tea.

Price: $5.60 – $7.90 for Drinks, $0.60 for Toppings, $1 for Cream Cloud and Cheese Cream

Rating: 4/5

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Just your classic Pearl Milk Tea 😍😍

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Space Kitchen

Space Kitchen’s Milky Moons (left) & Love Potion (right)

Space Kitchen recently opened as part of Westfield Woden’s new Bradley Streets dining precinct, and it’s already looking like a great new hotspot for foodies. The menu includes a wide selection of breakfast and lunch meals, as well as incredible looking desserts. Desserts include waffles, crepes, sundaes, cold drinks, and bubble teas. Here, they sell bubble tea floats, the Love Potion, and Milky Moons. These drinks consist of the usual milk tea with tapioca pearls, but with the addition of ice cream. The Love Potion is a matcha based milk tea with strawberry ice-cream, whereas Milky Moons is made with the addition of brown sugar and cookies & cream ice-cream. There are also eight different signature bubble teas and four traditional milk tea choices available for purchase. Another feature that stands out is the option to make your own bubble tea. You can choose between black or green tea before selecting a flavour and its toppings. Despite not having an authentic Taiwanese-style milk tea taste, Space Kitchen still holds its own with unique bubble tea choices and an option to create your own. Paired with a modern, new setting and innovative desserts choices, Space Kitchen is easily one of the best spots in Canberra to grab a milk tea (or any dessert for that matter!)

Price: $7.00 – $7.50 for Signature Bubble Teas, $9.00 – $9.50 for Bubble Tea Floats

Rating: 4/5

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Are you sure you meant Space Kitchen, and not ‘Sugar Rush’? Space Kitchen is in Woden but it is not in the new Bradley St dining precinct. Sugar Rush is, and has the bubble teas you’ve listed. Just double checking as I was there yesterday and didn’t see Space Kitchen in Bradley St. Space Kitchen is worth a visit regardless though!

I've had all the milk teas listed here and I do agree with your ratings! Elora is one of my favourites especially since they give you a small discount for re-using their bottles :)

Been on the hunt for a really good bubble tea shop for a while and I am glad to have stumbled upon this article. Very informative review!

Really informative review! I don't know much about bubble tea but this article has all bases covered. After reading this, I'm certainly keen to give it a go. Pricing and rating are great too, really valuable information for making choices on the best option!

Very informative on different options for bubble tea! I love a good time cha time, but now its good to know there are other places that may be better fit for my boba needs. I hadn't heard of space kitchen before this article but now i can go and check it out. Wonderful review.

Stumbled upon this article as I am visiting Canberra soon and LOVE bubble tea. There is chatime in Canada where I am from but I am interested in the bubble tea floats of Space Kitchen, sounds amazing! Thank you for your recommendations!

Stumbled upon this article as I am visiting Canberra soon and LOVE bubble tea! There is chatime in Canada where I am from but I am interested in the bubble tea floats of Space Kitchen, sounds amazing! Thank you for your recommendations!

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