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UC Plays Host To Yet Another Incredible Artist – Matt Corby

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Speechless 🌈 Matt Corby was a complete rainbow technicolour dream. Head to our Facebook page to see all the pics from Saturday night. Photo by @sandford_

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The University of Canberra (UC) has turned its refectory into an international platform, featuring huge artists on a regular basis. Recently UC’s Refectory has seen famous artists such as Boo Seeka, Vera Blue, DZ Deathrays and now we can add Matt Corby to the list.

Matt Corby graced the UC Refectory stage on Saturday the 30th March, with a voice so angelic that students thought the refectory itself had turned into a portal through to Heaven. After lining up with all the other eager punters, I walked through security and broke into a feeding frenzy. Coming off the back of an incredible new album release ‘Rainbow Valley’, there was a lot of excitement within the room to hear some of these new tracks to the Canberran crowd.

The event was opened by BLESSED, a solo artist from Sydney, followed by Eliott, a solo female artist from Melbourne. These two support artists really set the mood and were in tune with the classic smooth, blusey soul sounds of Matt Corby.

Gripping my Smifnoff Ice, the drink you drink at every Uni gig but would never sip on elsewhere, I swayed along to; the futuristic soul sounds of BLESSED and the soothing harmonies of Eliott. The room filling with suspense as these acts finish and scuttle off stage as the crowd itchingly waited for Matt Corby’s set to commence. Then the moment we had all been waiting for, Jesus, I mean Matt Corby, appeared on stage amid a puff of smoke, appearing like the genie I had always dreamed of.

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Plant seeds and sing songs 🌱 @mattcorby

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Opening with Light My Dart Up, a slow and seductive hit off his new album, the room was very much in the palm of his hands. Surrounded by a choir, with a light beaming down on him centre stage, only added to his holier than thou presence.

He played a myriad of instruments including keyboard, guitar, flute and drums, second to his divine voice throughout the night. Whilst this was the Rainbow Valley tour celebrating his new album, Corby did not disappoint by playing some of his old classics including; Brother, Belly Side Up and Soothe Lady Wine.

Towards the end of his performance he thanked his fans and his support acts, as well as his band, and to everyone there for being able to join him on this journey, showcasing what a humble and professional performer he really is. Closing with Miracle Love, his most popular song at the moment, onlookers were melting into the stage. With a voice as powerful as Corby’s, it is impressive and mind boggling to watch someone achieve so many different octaves in one song.

There was a beautiful interaction between Corby and his crowd as an entire sea of people sang along word for word, whilst swaying in time to the tune. Safe to say this was an incredible moment in the night, adding a peaceful and harmonious air to the room. I felt like the entire night was an eclipse, passing by the warmest presence in existence, but before I knew it, it was all over. Kicked to the curb and on my way home, crying with joy the whole way. Thank you, University of Canberra, keep up the good work.

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