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Listening to First Nations Voices – Podcast 4

The background artwork is part of UC’s Indigenous Treatment for branding

Listening to First Nations Voices Podcast · Podcast 4 Lisa Fuller

The Listening to First Nations Voices podcast was created by non-Indigenous University of Canberra students. The idea for this podcast came from Associate Professor Samia Goudie who is passionate about Indigenous people and culture and is attempting to expand people’s knowledge on the subject and start a conversation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. This podcast was developed to educate people on Indigenous ways of being, doing and knowing, and to inspire awareness and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the richness Aboriginal people bring to Australia.

This edition features Lisa Fuller. Lisa is an award winning author, editor and publisher. She talks about her experiences and life as an Aboriginal woman.

The Creators:

I am a student of University of Canberra studying a Bachelor of Global studies in my second year. I am of Gambian and Australian descent who thrives to learn of other cultures and history, in particular, the indigenous students and scholars on campus. Being a part of the Listening to First Nations Voices podcast group, has invited me to seek new knowledge and develop connections with interesting people of the industry.

Peta is a non-indigenous student at University of Canberra in her final year of a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies. She has found a passion for learning and hearing from the Indigenous students and academics at University of Canberra and was thrilled to be involved in the Listening to First nations Podcast group as a chance to expand her knowledge, meet interesting people and hopefully embark on a career that can involve the knowledge she has gained from this wonderful experience .

Aditya (AJ)
Aditya Jain also known as AJ is an international student from India studying Bachelor of Arts (Film Production) at the University of Canberra. He is very passionate and dedicated about his filming career. He came to Australia to explore a different land and opportunities for his studies and career. His journey in Australia during his study has been quite an eye opener for him about the world, cultures and people. He has learnt a lot about life and developing international relations over the years. He strives to become a successful filmmaker.

I am a non-indigenous international student studying Communications and PR. I find it a privilege to be welcomed by the traditional owners of this land and I pledge my respect and loyalty in celebrating its long-standing identity as the oldest continuous civilisation in the world. It is my delectation to be part of an advocacy initiative that recognises and promotes indigenous knowledge, understanding and community here at UC.

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The background artwork is part of UC’s Indigenous Treatment for branding.

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