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Baby Gravy 2 – An Album You Didn’t Know You Needed

Baby Gravy 2 is the most recent lovechild to come from the minds of internet sensations Yung Gravy and BBNO$.

Released in February 2020, Baby Gravy 2 came out almost 3 years after its prequel Baby Gravy EP, which was one of the first collaborations from the two artists.

Since then both Yung Gravy and BBNO$ have featured on multiple songs together and have grown in popularity thanks to platforms such as YouTube and more recently Tik Tok.

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baby gravy 2 with my valentine

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Before Baby Gravy 2 was released BBNO$ released a song called ‘Lalala‘ that blew up on Tik Tok and projected him into the spotlight, as it now sits as his most streamed song at around 552,944,009 listens on Spotify.

This overnight viral sensation led to BBNO$ making a remark in this album with the song ‘shining on my ex’ where he says “dude I’d be pissed off if this song blew up on Tik Tok.”

Yung Gravy has also had his own time in the spotlight with his songs ‘Mr. Clean‘ and ‘1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot‘ each being internet sensations and also Tik Tok trends.

Baby Gravy 2 provides a never ending good time from start to finish, with each song being easy to listen and bob your head to.

If you’re looking for songs that will get immediately stuck in your head than Baby Gravy 2 has multiple options, with ‘Welcome to Chillis’ and ‘shining on my ex’ being two of the catchiest and most popular on the album.

However, the overall theme of this album is quite explicit, as some if not every song mentions drugs, sex, money and stealing your girl or your mum.

Yet while this album contains explicit content, it is told in a way that is more comedic compared to other explicit albums that you many know of and doesn’t come across as offensive.

(Warning explicit content)

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baby gravy stop crime we starsky hutch. Welcome to Chili’s music vid just dropped baby 🌶

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Baby Gravy 2 also sees features from some well-known and lesser-known artists, such as Spark Master Tape, Cuco and TrippyThaKid.

Overall Baby Gravy 2 is an album that everyone can enjoy and listen to on their own, with others or at a party without having to skip a single song.

With both artists producing and releasing music at a rapid rate, it will surely be a matter of time until Baby Gravy 3 graces the world and our ears.



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