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Procrastinating? Five ways to say goodbye to the habit

Whether you have assignments, an important call,  or just simply chores around the house, at some point or another we have all dealt with procrastination. It makes being productive or achieving anything near impossible when it raises its ugly head. As someone who is, or once was the Queen of procrastination I feel as though it is my duty to share the things that have helped me to push through, get organised and get the work done. No matter how much you put it off a task it still has to be completed. Leaving things until the very last minute benefits no one and ends up making things a lot harder for yourself in the long run. Trust me I have spent many a night regretting not starting an assignment sooner.

So let me bestow my wisdom upon you and get you ticking off that list. Here are some ways to get you started:

1. Get organised

To actually tackle your ever growing schedule you need to know what’s on it and when it needs to be done by. So there is no better place to start than creating a planner or list with all the dates and times that are important. This allows you to schedule in when you should be working, how much time you should allow in-between each project and the best time of day to get things done. Get creative with your planner so that you enjoy marking things off. Plus I give you full permission to go out and splurge on some cool stationary and a chic looking diary.


2. Location, location, location

Especially when working from home sitting on your bed and on the couch are massive no no’s. Both are places that our bodies associate with rest and if you want productivity you won’t find it in the same spot you watch Netflix. Sitting at a table or desk with a chair is going to keep you upright and on track. It is also a lot better for your health, you can peep a list of spine friendly alternatives here. So, why not set yourself up a Pinterest worthy area and meet that deadline in style.

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3. Tackle the biggest item

There is no way to get the ball rolling quite like ticking off the largest chore on the list. More often than not its the scariest. Once this has been crossed off, any other tasks are now going to seem easy in comparison. Resulting in you being able to achieve your goals much faster and minimising procrastination. Nothing makes you feel more accomplished then finishing something that was nerve wracking and time consuming.

4. Future goals

Remember why are you are doing this. Whether its university, work, school or having a conversation you have been putting off. Think about how delaying your work is going to effect future you and the set backs you may face from procrastinating. Being able to work through situations like these are all apart of the journey. One day you will look back and be proud of the hard work and effort you put in. Take my word for it when I say future you won’t appreciate that three thousand word essay you have left to the last minute.


5. Be realistic

Whatever you may be putting off is it actually that bad? Could you have achieved it in small time frame? If you are answering the first question with a no and the latter with a yes, at the risk of sounding like a Nike ambassador, just do it! Seriously! Don’t wait for motivation to just randomly show up because I’m telling you it won’t. Once you get over those first initial moments you’re bound to get into rhythm and before you know it the task doesn’t seem so tedious.

Everybody is guilty of procrastinating at some point throughout their lives and its okay to feel a little stuck. Sometimes you just need to clear your head and start afresh. Remember each task is only as difficult as our perspective on it. Set your goals, use a planner, make the time and go be the boss that you’re destined to be.

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