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Australia vs Europe, a review of the countries that posed the biggest threat to Australia at Eurovision 2020

Eurovision 2020 was cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world. In honour of the participant and the contest, I decided to review Australia’s entry for this year’s contest and look at the six countries I believe would have been the biggest threats to Australia winning Eurovision.

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We know you are anxiously waiting news about the future of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. . With a constantly changing situation regarding coronavirus and a large number of people to consult, every important element needs to be taken into consideration. . Please bear with us. We hope to have more information shortly. . #Eurovision

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I will start with who was originally going to represent us in The Netherlands, that being Montaigne with “Don’t Break Me”.

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TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT SUPERSTARS — voting be OPEN — text 9 to 1999 2222 to vote for me NOW — tune into @sbs_australia at 8.30pm AEDT to see me perform ‘Don’t Break Me’. #eurovision #AusDecides 📷 by @_jessgleeson

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I think this is the best entry we have sent to the contest. It doesn’t feel like a cheap version of a specific genre like previous entries like “Don’t Come Easy” in 2017, being a very lazy ballad and “We Got Love” in 2018, is a basic as you can be pop song.

For me “Don’t Break Me” is very different from other entries we have sent, even though is a very safe pop song, Montaigne carries the emotion needed to grip people into continuing to listen to the song.

Also, her ability to convey the idea that she is pleading and begging in her voice as she sings, makes it an amazing song.

Sadly though, the problem I have with the entry is the staging, which needs to be fixed before Eurovision. Because of the constant dancing by Montaigne in the performance, it kills her vocals and stops her from being able to fully carry the emotion of the song. The staging is messy and needs to be cleaned up, as interpretive dance can make it difficult to carry across the meaning of the song. This could cause the entry to get lost in the shuffle of other songs because people won’t vote for it if they are confused by it.

On the upside though, it has been confirmed the staging will be changed. It is also rumoured it will be marionette inspired, which I believe carries the message of wanting to escape a toxic relationship and feeling trapped in one. I also think that the one single camera shot through the entire performance makes the whole performance interesting and creates something different in comparison to other entries staging. I think we have missed out on being able to see this on the Eurovision stage but. Luckily for us, we will be able to see what the staging would have been like when Montaigne performs her song during SBS’ ‘Big Night In!’.

The Competition

For Australia to win, we will have to get past a strong field of competition that is standing in our way.

Malta- The Biggest Threat

First up we have the country I thought would be the biggest threat to win, Malta.

This year Malta would have be represented by Destiny with the song “All of My Love”. Destiny is returning to the contest after providing backing vocals last year for Malta and winning the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2015. I personally think Destiny would have stood a really good chance to become the first person to win both the Junior and regular versions of Eurovision.

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B I R G U 🌚♥️

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I honestly believe Malta should be the favourites to win, because of Destiny alone. She has probably one of the best vocals in the entire contest this year. Her vocals are something that you wouldn’t expect to come out of a 17-year-old. I think that will help her a lot because I believe juries and televoters would have been instantly hooked by her voice because of how interesting and powerful it is. I also think it helps that the song has a very modern and radio-friendly sound, which will make it more accessible for general viewers.

Also having a very Rudimental sound to her song will help her a lot because especially in a lot of Western countries. That sound works really well and is very popular and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she got a lot of her points in the contest.

But overall, I think it is her vocals that will be the big part of how well she does, especially since she definitely has the luxury of her vocals being able to carry the entire song. Basically, making it possible for Malta to have bad staging and still score very well. For me, the reason I believe this is the biggest threat to Australia is that Malta have a song that can, and I think probably do very well with both juries and televoters.

The Second Biggest Threat- Switzerland

Switzerland is up next. They were set to be represented by Gjon’s Tears, with the song “Répondez-moi“.

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SO HAPPY THAT I WILL BE BACK FOR 2021 ! See you soon ! And all of your support and love made this possible ! I have no words ! Just thank you and see you soon ! 💙 ( continue taking care of yourself ) Thank you to my delegation who believes in me and gives me the energy at every step of this crazy experience 💙 •••• Les amis grâce à votre soutien, on se revoit en 2021 à Rotterdam pour l’Eurovision ! Je suis trop content de pouvoir vivre cette expérience ! Je vous embrasse et on se retrouve très vite ! ( continuez à prendre soin de vous ! ) 💙💙 📸 @photomaeder #eurovision#2021

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Switzerland’s entry this year is so hauntingly beautiful and is absolutely mesmerising to listen to. It absolutely captures you straight away and continues to keep you interested throughout the entire song. For a lot of songs, this year seems to be a difficult thing.

The one thing also in Switzerland’s favour is the fact that they have the best male vocals in this year’s contest. Which could easily help them win if Gjon’s Tears can pull off the high notes in the song when he performs.

I believe Switzerland had a real fighting chance to take home the trophy this year, making them a massive threat to Australia. The reason being how beautiful the song is and how Switzerland would have absolutely killed it with staging this year.

The Third Biggest Threat- Bulgaria

Next is Bulgaria. They would have been represented by Victoria with the song, “Tears Getting Sober“.

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Tears Getting Sober is a project that means the world to me as an artist and to the great team behind it. I understand and respect this necessary decision but I also believe we, the 2020 #Eurovision artists, should be allowed to perform our songs in 2021. #iCardEurovisionBG #OpenUp @eurovision 🇧🇬 ————————————————————————Tears Getting Sober е песен, която означава много за мен като артист и за невероятния екип, който работи по българското участие на #Евровизия 2020. Разбирам и уважавам решението за отлагане на конкурса, но смятам, че ние, изпълнителните от Евровизия 2020, трябва да можем да представим нашите вече избрани песни на сцената на Евровизия през 2021. ———————————————————————— Photography by: @loramusheva 🖤

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For me, this song is in the same boat as Switzerland in that it is a very atmospheric song. It also really brings you in and catches your attention. I think Victoria’s soft voice really helps the song as it gives it a more ethereal vibe which I love.

People may see it as a very Billie Eilish type song, but I think it falls into more of an early Lorde type of vibe with the song.  But this still worries me as I could see people writing this off for being just a knockoff of bigger artists.

I think overall it is a beautiful song, with really well written lyrics that talk about the pain she is feeling that is caused by others. This is especially seen through theses lyrics.

“Your lies burn like sugar in my wounds
In time my wound will be a scar
Strained but my tears are getting sober now
And I’ve been here before so
Weight that I’m holding on my shoulders
I’m gonna let it go”
These lyrics are another reason why I like the song and think it is a threat to win due to it moving away from the very stereotypical Eurovision song, which tends to be a ballad with cheesy lyrics. I also think that the atmosphere she creates with her voice, one that sucks you in is another reason why this song would have been a threat.


The Fourth Biggest Threat and The Dark Horse- Iceland

Up next is Iceland, who were going to be represented by Daði og Gagnamagnið, with the song “Think About Things“.

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Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled. It's disappointing as I was really looking forward to performing in Rotterdam with Gagnamagnið. The support has been overwhelming and many new opportunities have presented themselves. I am really excited for the future. Thank you so much and stay safe <3 Follow @gagnamagnid here: @arnyfjola @sigrunnbirnaa @huldaluv @joi.gagnamagn Costumes by @lovisatomasdottir 📷 @baldurkristjans

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Overall, I think this song is absolutely so fun and such a happy party song. I think it really brings your mood up and makes you smile. I think this is going to help Iceland a lot because it will be the main reasoning for people to vote for this entry.

I also think the staging itself really elevates this fun vibe. By really bringing a Napoleon Dynamite type of feel to the stage, which continues to make this song so enjoyable.

The deeper meaning of the song is about the lead singer’s thoughts right after the birth of his child and him wondering what his child is thinking will really prompt viewers to vote for this song because of how sweet it is.

I think this will be one of the big threats of the competition due to the fun vibe it creates and how I think out of all the more jokey songs, that this will do the best with the jury.

The only problem that I could have seen for Iceland is their poor record and having only a few neighbours could have hurt its chances. I also don’t think the fact it’s a more joke song will help it with the juries as a whole.

The Fifth Biggest Threat- Germany

The next is Germany, who would have been represented this year being by Ben Dolic with the song “Violent Thing“.

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When the vibes just right ®️

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I love this song so much, it is such a change from ballads that Germany has sent in more recent years, so it is so nice to have a very modern and up-tempo song from Germany.

I think the fact that it is one of the most modern songs in this year’s contest will really help it. I also love the fun energy it creates and how fun of a song it is to dance to.

I also think Ben’s voice is so interesting. It sounds almost childlike and very feminine, which really contrasts with the lyrics of the song that are more sexual in nature, which is such a weird yet fun contrast. Which makes this entry one of the standouts of this year and makes it a very memorable song as a whole.

The party vibe and the fact that the song feels like it goes quickly and doesn’t drag on makes this entry even better.

The only downside I could have seen for Germany was the fact that many countries don’t like Germany and the fact that they have had a poor record in previous years.

But I believe that this would have changed this year due to how televoter friendly the song is.

The Sixth Biggest Threat- Sweden

The final country is Sweden, who were going to be represented by The Mamas, with the song “Move“.

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“Everybody wanna move like us…” 💖🧡🤎💙 . 📸: @photographer_magnus_ragnvid 💄: @makeup.poc, @betelbai . #themamas #move #mamasmove #mello #mello2020 #melodifestivalen #melodifestivalen2020 #melfest

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What do I think about their entry this year? I absolutely love it. I honestly think it’s one of the most feel-good songs that have been sent to Eurovision. The Mamas are also up there for the best vocals in this year’s contest.

I believe Sweden would have done well this year, especially because they know how to do well in Eurovision, and I didn’t think it would have changed this year. I also think that because the entry is one of those songs that just makes you feel so good when you listen to it, something that they have struggled with over the last few years. I also think it will do well jury wise because it is a song with a strong vocal performance. I think the fact that The Mamas, also have Eurovision experience from last year, where they were backing vocalists. This would have helped them immensely in not letting the nerves of such a big stage get to them.

The only reason I could have seen Sweden struggle is because a lot of countries don’t really like Sweden since they do so well all the time and tend not to vote for them because of that. I also think that Malta’s entry has dampened their chances a bit because Destiny has stronger vocals and a more radio-friendly song than a very soul-based song, which is a genre that isn’t the most popular or widespread in this day and age. I think Sweden will do very well, but I don’t think it will be enough to win. However, there is still a possibility due to how good the song is.

To check out these songs and the rest of the songs that would have competed in the contest had it gone ahead listen to the playlist below.

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