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Canberra’s Best Dog Parks

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, we will hopefully start to see outdoor recreation areas reopen in the coming weeks. This gives us time to plan the perfect place to take our furry best friends when their parks reopen.

A good dog park not only offers lots of open space it also caters to the needs of different dogs. Some dogs need to be separated from dogs of different sizes, some dogs are escape artists and need tall fences to keep them contained and some dogs need additional activities to keep them happy. All dog parks should ensure that there’s access to water and somewhere to dispose of the dogs business. This definitive list of Canberra’s best dog parks was created with these things in mind.

Please remember to practice correct social distancing once the parks reopen.


 Lake Ginninderra Dog Park, Belconnen

Lake Ginninderra Dog Park is located at the Diddams Close entrance of the lake. It offers it’s visitors separated sections for small and large dogs, fences tall enough to keep even the bounciest pup inside, waste bins and access to taps for fresh water. The large dog area is spacious, you can hardly see one end whilst standing at the other. This also makes it perfect for wearing out energetic pups. The small dog section is the perfect size for socialising your smaller buddies. When it starts to get dark, this park has lights installed so you can let your pups play a bit longer, which is a great addition if you finish work in the evening.

The Scar, Karabar

The Scar, located off Southbar Road is smaller than the Belconnen park. However, it still has adequate space for dogs to tire themselves out. It has a couple of agility activities, fresh water including a trough that some silly dogs may jump in, bins and separated areas. The best thing about the Scar is that it not only seems to be a great place for your pup to visit it’s regulars are a like a community and are always happy to welcome one more. A great place for a local to make regular visits with their furry friends.

Fenced Dog Park, Tuggeranong 

The Fenced Park in Tuggeranong is the south side equivalent to the Lake Ginninderra park. The layout is a similar spacious and next to the lake, great for the owners to stroll before letting pooch run wild. The park is separated into two sections for different sized pooches and provides access to fresh water and waste bins. The thing that sets this park apart is that before restrictions were put in place there used to be a regular coffee van that catered to park visitors, fingers crossed that returns when the park reopens.

Yarralumla Dog Park

Yarralumla Dog Park is lined with trees and can be found on Banks Street near Lake Burley Griffin. The park offers separated sections both full of trees that offer an escape from the sun, and sections of a grassless area. It has taps for fresh drinking water, waste bins and is close to the dog swimming section of the lake. After a play at the park, it’s a short stroll to the dog friendly Yarralumla Gallery & Oaks Brasserie which is the perfect spot for both human and pups to have a well-earned snack.

This park would be a great day out in warmer weather when you can take full advantage of all the nearby activities.

Point Hut Crossing, Greenway

The park at Point Hut Crossing doesn’t offer much signage but can be found along one of the areas walking tracks. The park itself is a basic field, great if your dog likes to run around. The fences are short, so be wary if your dog is prone to jumping. It does not offer separate areas for different sized dogs. The park was included on this list more for the beautiful walk that surrounds it. The views are stunning, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can take your dog down to the creek. You will need to carry your poo bags back to the car park at this location.

Barkley Dog Park, Googong

Barkley Park takes the title of Canberra’s best dog park. This hound haven was included in the plans for building Googong and the amount of thought and effort are obvious. There are tunnels and agility activities for exploring, and a walking path that surrounds a man-made pond. Benches and waste bins are conveniently located, but there are no separate areas for smaller/bigger dogs. If your pooch doesn’t get along with all sizes, this might not be the park for you. However, it is incredibly spacious so you might be able to avoid each other. Barkley park may be a drive for some Canberrans, but it is absolutely worth it. It’s very easy to spot, just look out for the giant dog statue.



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Megadog is home guarding Googong’s soon-to-be opened dog park, Barkley Park. The park will officially open this Saturday from 11am, on Fowlie Terrace Googong. #googong #googong_township #megadog

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