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COVID-19 Drawing Class With Emma Carey

Emma Carey, better known as The Girl Who Fell From The Sky, has been drawing creative, patterned pictures since her skydiving accident in 2013. Originally she began drawing on thank you notes to the doctors and nurses throughout her recovery, but she quickly realised how therapeutic it was, and has been drawing ever since.

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The sun must set to rise 🙌 I drew this last year when I was in hospital and absolutely swear by this quote. Whatever you are going through, remember that there are far better things ahead than those we leave behind 💛

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Emma has made a career out of selling her drawings and has used them to help raise awareness and money for charities. Her most recent fundraiser was dedicated to everyone who had been affected by the devastating Australian bushfire. She donated 100% of profits to bushfire relief charities. Her drawing, pictured below, was of Australia with a number of hidden imaged within. She ended up donating a total of $105,156.

Included in the hidden drawings are native animals, to represent all the animals lost in the fires, a boomerang for the Aboriginal people, a gum leaf for all of the flora, a sun, because we will rise again and a heart, to represent all of the love and unity that has come out of these hard times.

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WE ARE ONE. Bushfire fundraiser. This drawing is dedicated to everyone who has been affected by the devastating Australian bushfires. I will be donating 100% of profits to various supporting charities. Thank you so so much for your support with this project. Together we can all make such a difference. We are one, but we are many. Available in A3. I can ship worldwide! Link in bio – Ps. If you’d like to see more about how this came to life and the meaning behind the hidden symbols, you can watch the story highlight on my page. We love you, Australia 💛🇦🇺🐨 #australianbushfires

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Emma finds drawing incredibly therapeutic herself, it allows her to tune out of real life temporarily and focus on what’s in front of her, which is why she began doing fortnightly drawing classes on her Instagram Live. Roughly 24 hours in advance, she will post a countdown on her Instagram account so that her followers have enough time to get organised and plan their night, as the classes tend to begin around 7pm.

Her mother, sister, niece (Laz) and boyfriend (Tommy) are all living under the one roof during the pandemic, and all take part in these classes. As soon as I joined the class I noticed the relaxing music playing in the background, I noticed that there were candles set up to provide mood lighting and I noticed that the atmosphere she had created had already allowed me to feel a sense of calm. At the end of the class, results varied greatly and Emma told us about a hashtag she was using so that we could share our work with her, #IsoWithEm.

Emma began the class by talking about the type of pen she would be using, what happened throughout her day and she dedicated a couple of minutes to answering any questions we had. She then went through a very simple, well-paced, step by step, run down of each line or pattern. For example, “first, we’re going to draw a line for the bottom of the pot.” As the patterns became more detailed, she pulled out a spare, clean piece of paper and showed her viewers how to do each pattern with a larger, easier to see example.

LARGE EXAMPLE:                                                    


Participants wrote messages to Emma throughout the drawing class and she would take the time to read each message and respond appropriately. This was incredibly helpful because it meant we could tell her that she was going too fast or too slow for us. We were able to ask her permission to use this drawing class for an assignment and we asked her to pause, so we could see the progress that everyone in her household was making on their individual pieces. At the end, she showed us each of her household members’ pieces and asked us to share ours too, by using her hashtag.

During such an uncertain time, it was a fantastic way for an individual to unwind, but it would also be an excellent way for a family to bond. Young children tend to enjoy drawing. Parents can use it as a chance to have their own quiet time or can unwind by joining in themselves. It is a quality event for individuals and families alike.

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