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How to host a movie night in isolation

Movie nights are a quintessential friend activity, especially for those of us whose budget doesn’t allow for regular trips to the theatre. Unfortunately with physical distancing measures in place due to COVID-19, enjoying popcorn and films with friends has become a lot harder. But there is a solution; you can still enjoy your favourite flick with friends as long as you know the rules and follow them. Here’s how I made it work, and how you can too.


Pick a Movie








It might seem obvious, but before you have a movie night you have to pick your movie. When going out to the theatre you have to have chosen before you’re there, but when the location is someone’s home it can be tempting to just pick once everyone is assembled. I took this approach, thinking that surly three university students could pick a movie.

I was wrong.

Sure, maybe you and your friends are the exceptions to this rule, but do you really want to find out? Or would you rather make sure your night goes smoothly? I thought so. So set up a group message or a facetime call and pick your flick before the night.


Prepare Your Space

Where you host your movie night doesn’t matter too much, but how you dress it up does. Make sure there are loads of pillows and blankets because a movie night without a blanket is no movie night at all. There should be as many blankets as there are people, so if you don’t have enough, see if your guests can bring their own. Having separate blankets helps make the 1.5 metre spacing between you feel less awkward, leaving more room for a fun night with friends. Instead of feeling disconnected because of the mandatory spacing, you feel comfortable in your own space while still enjoying the company of your guests.


Get Out the Popcorn

No movie night is complete without snacks, and just because we’re in quarantine doesn’t mean you or your guests should miss out. What food and drinks you serve are completely up to you and your guests, but I went with popcorn, gummy worms and hot chocolate. For your food, it’s important that you make sure people aren’t sharing. My solution to this was to give each of my guests their own bowl for snacks so there was no contamination between people. If you’re feeling creative you can even make homemade popcorn boxes for extra style points.


Plan Another

It’s not unusual to feel isolated during this pandemic, but seeing friends and family can help. While you’re having a great time watching whatever film you chose, pick which one you want to watch next. Set a date, make a group chat, and make it happen. Maybe you could pick a day of the week that becomes movie night, or you could take turns playing host between your group. But whatever you decide, keep in contact and keep being close with one another. Friendship is rarely as important as it is now, so don’t wait to be invited. Send the invites and make the plans; what are you waiting for?

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