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Let’s Talk About Sex Education

The Netflix Original “Sex Education”  is a raunchy, uncensored TV joyride with a heartfelt underlining

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they snapped! 📸🎬 who's watched the season 2 trailer?

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The British comedy follows the life of a sex therapist’s son Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield) and flamboyant best friend Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa) in the sexually charged high school of Moordale.

For Otis, the embarrassment of having a mother that talks about sex for a living and knowing no boundaries doesn’t sit well, yet there are some benefits that were unbeknownst to him. This is revealed to himself when Adam Groff (Connor Swindells), high school bully and the principals’ son, took one too many Viagras. Otis finds himself calming and therapising the over-emotional Adam in a bathroom stall.

As the grunge-inspired Mauve Wiley (Emma Mackay) was in attendance at the undisclosed therapy session. She sees the opportunity to start an underground sex clinic on school grounds to help the frantic and aroused with all their sexual problems. This leaves Otis in a conflicting spot, but in an effort to “do what’s right” and potentially get closer to Mauve, he accepts.

Otis, Mauve, and Eric gain traction to their underground business and things seem to take a turn for the better, yet that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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10/10 would read this comic book 🎨 by @godi_go

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Sex Education finds the line of intoxicatingly good TV mixed with questionable subject matter, you feel like you shouldn’t be seeing this. This however breaks the barriers of topics people are too afraid to shine a light on, creating an entertaining yet safe space for the viewer. It doesn’t shy away from anything. Instead, it welcomes it and this becomes a refreshing outlook of how TV can be presented. From finding out what “Vaginismus” is,  to the empowerment of a common cause, this is just the surface of what Sex Education gives.

It captures your intrigue through its updated approach to 80’s fashion, the beautiful aesthetic of each scene and its raunchy storylines they follow through both seasons, but it’s the cast that makes you beg for more.

The undeniably loveable cast and it’s multiple walks of life gathering in this one town to create the intertwining storylines and the way each character grows is something from a dream and becomes what carries the show. It allows each character to be vulnerable and share those moments with others then wash their hands afterward.

The second season, recently released on Netflix, takes a different path with new stories but revisiting old memories.  The TV show develops from where it once was in season 1 and ends the new season on a “will they/won’t they” cliffhanger. The show truly is a pubescent teenager ready to spill all their confusing emotions, leaving the viewer to watch it all unfold.

It’s edgy, it’s new and it’s here to educate. sexually


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