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Sip Up Every Bit of Emotional Oranges’ Album: The Juice Vol. II

Emotional Oranges‘ most recent album The Juice Vol. II is a perfect blend of contemporary R&B, pop, and neo-soul that you can listen to as you cruise down the road.

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you changed our lives after volume 1. i remember how it felt when abel was rolling out the trilogy back in 2011. that was one of the most inspiring times in music and we hope to inject a little bit of that back into your life with the juice. volume 2 embodies growth. we’ve learned to trust our instincts. performing live helped open our eyes to experimenting with different grooves and rhythms. and we really challenged ourselves during the writing process; more vulnerability, more intention. people always ask about our identities, but if you listen to these songs, you know us better than anyone. thank you for unconditionally supporting our vision, chapter 2 begins at midnight. art by @manbrandler

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I first discovered the song Just Like You on my Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and the duo had me instantly hooked, thirsting for more. The eight tracks on Vol. II each have their own ‘a-peel’ but sweetly flow together, making the album easy to listen to in one go.

Their music, music videos, and overall concepts show their inspiration taken from previous decades — and how they’ve revamped their sound for their late-2019 comeback. Emotional Oranges has incorporated R&B influences like Kanye, Dante Jones, and Timbaland, along with Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and Prince for that 90’s feel that’s easy to drift to.

But who is Emotional Oranges, exactly? Well, the shadowy girl-boy duo manage to keep their faces and real names out of the limelight. The two go by their aliases, ‘V’ and ‘A’.

Their focus is expressing their personality through music and performances, rather than having their personal lives speak for them. Shouldn’t the music tell you all you need to know about the artist? In Emotional Oranges’ case, it definitely does.

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orange hair = real commitment

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Despite their anonymity, these artists have likeable qualities that don’t need a face. They balance their feminine and masculine vocals, and play off each other as if telling a story — a story captured in a mere three minutes you can’t help but sway along to.

Slow guitar, funky baselines, and break-beats are not the only things that make this album engaging. Their sultry, relatable lyrics and layering of genres both make for a smooth, nostalgic, and authentic album that I instantly fell in love with. No wonder their fanbase, a.k.a the Citrus Squad, is so committed.

Although their songs West Coast Love and Just Like You boast 3.1 and 6.2 million streams on Spotify, I can definitely say this pair deserves more recognition.

Emotional Oranges is a duo that is distinguishable and mysterious at the same time. Take time to listen to The Juice Vol. II and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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