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The Overwatch League: Indoors Online Action

The Overwatch League is a highly popular E-sports competition that has globally gained traction with the gaming community. Representative teams from China to the US, Overwatch League has followers all around the world.

Overwatch is the multiplayer first-person shooter video game that goes deeper than just its description. A cyborg ninja to a scientist monkey named Winston is just the surface of what this game has to offer. This game requires the right combos, efficient teamwork, and proper strategy for the full potential of this game to be seen. The overwatch league puts that on full display with the best players around the world in competition for our entertainment.

Like any other elite level sporting team, Overwatch has a high demand for talent that each team scouts. It is crazy to think gaming has reached this level of production but for each player, this is a full-time job that comes with traveling, training sessions, and media to address to and it’s only getting bigger.

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It’s the middle of the season right now and week 11 was packed with all the action, some of the biggest matchups of the season took place with title-contending favourite pushing for the gold and other cultivated rivalries born by the intense fans.

The commentators bring the viewer great, lively insight and analysis to the event and are a great aspect to the whole experience, if you are a first time viewer to a diehard fan, it is always helpful for them to be there and sometimes they go under appreciated.

The week spanned over four match day, even without usual crowds not being in attendance, that didn’t stray away from a great week of entertainment at home for the fans eager to watch more Overwatch.

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LA Pride on the Line

In sport, the battle for Los Angeles has always been a staple for American sporting history and that has taken form in E-Sports as well with Los Angeles Valiants against Los Angeles Gladiators in this weeks round of match ups. Yet even with both teams struggles this season, this matchup had all eyes and it didn’t disappoint to its anticipation.

The LA matches have always produced some of the best Overwatch entertainment through-out the years and this was no different and with players like Indy “Space” Halpern having played with both Valiant and Gladiators, it adds more flare to the fire.

The match was a close, both teams showing moments of amazement and having dominant runs against each other. Yet in the end the Gladiators came out on top 3-2 . The Los Angeles derby never seems to disappoint.

Chasing the Silverware

One team in particular at this weeks event was Shanghai Dragon, being known as a team that has struggled in past seasons are in the top tier of teams currently. Going into this week with a 6-1 records, they are favourite at of all the China pool to go the distance.

They faced up against Hangzhou Spark and Chengdu Hunters, wiping the floor with both teams with 3-0 wins in both games, giving the Dragonsย  some confidence under their belt going into future weeks.

Each match had a dominating pace to it, making light work of each team and unafraid to completely change game plans to gain advantages over their opponents who weren’t prepared for the radical composition turnaround.

Shanghai have become increasingly popular and with half of the season left to go, let’s see how far they can really go.

Watching from the comfort of your home has always been an advantage that E-Sports has had, Even when it draws crowds to their events, someone sitting at home can still feel the atmospheric impact on their couch.

Gaming is about community and appreciation of talent, events like Overwatch League bring that forward, seeing the best out there compete whilst interacting with the audience virtually, It allows the viewers share the same experience the players are feeling. These times are reaching for some entertaining and Overwatch League can be one of the streams.

If you are ever wanting to keep up with the action,ย  All matches are posted on the Overwatch League YouTube page with full-length matches to Top 5 plays of the week for a compacted look at the action and with its never-ending changing gameplay there will always be more to watch.


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