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A “Bloody” Good Time – Nobody Review

Nobody is the newest action film by “Hardcore Henery” director Ilya Naishuller and the writer of the John Wick films Derek Kolstad. the story follows Hutch Mansell played by Bob Odenkirk, an ex-secret agent turned family man. Once an incident involving a break-in at his family home occurs, Hutch gets back into the game to punish those who have wronged him.

From the outset of this film, there is a feeling that it is a result of the John Wick formula. An action film on a relatively small budget with a relatively well-known actor, combined with some ridiculous action that you can’t help but look away from and you’ve got yourself a movie. While the premise may not be very original, it is the performance of Bob Odenkirk, the well-choreographed fight scenes and witty dialogue, that lifts it above films of a similar vein.

Bob Odenkirk shines in this film. Staring as a man who is trying to do right by his family and settle down, but is then thrown back into the deep end of his violent past creates a hilarious contrast. I found this comedic tone to one of the things that separated nobody from other films like it. often I was laughing out loud not only at the situations that Hutch found himself in but at some of the dialogue as well. Something that the likes of John Wick and Taken do miss out on.

Personally I think it comes down to Odenkirk’s delivery as well as reactions that heighten these moments. Drawing from his performances as Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Unlike actors like Keanu Reeves from John Wick or Liam Neason from Taken. Odenkirk brings more charisma than fear to his role.

Unfortunately, the rest of the cast isn’t much to write home about. The central villain Yullian played by Aleksey Serebryakov is your typical one-dimensional Russian mob boss who has a grudge against protagonist Hutch. Meanwhile, Hutch’s wife Becca, played by actress Connie Nielson, does little more than provide a reason for Hutch to come back home.

Aside from a cameo from Back to the Future actor, Christopher Lloyd as Hutch’s father David. There is no one we as an audience really care for. While developed characters aren’t why you go to see a film like nobody. It would have been nice to see Odenkirk’s performance matched by someone who is just as important or memorable.

The big draw to this film is the action scenes, to which Nobody, delivers in spades. A memorable scene involving Hutch and four angsty thugs on a bus, alongside a big finally where Hutch finally catches up with villain Yullian are without a doubt the most enjoyable and over-the-top scenes in the film.


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The previously mentioned bus scene involves a one-take shot that I personally still can’t wrap my head around.  The finale provides something I have never thought I wanted to see until this film. I won’t spoil it, but all I will say is it involves Christopher Lloyd and a shotgun.

While the overall plot of the film is fairly straightforward, I do believe there are some issues with the pacing and development of the film. For example, the film is only 95 minutes long. The first half an hour or so of this film is still building up to the main problem that Hutch has to face. The time spent at home with his family could have easily been spent developing the relationship Hutch had with his father, or better yet creating a motive for Yullian that is more than just a revenge plot.

I would have liked to see more back and forth between Hutch and David. There is no such thing as too much Christopher Lloyd. I do understand that director Ilya Naishuller, wanted to build up the stakes of Hutch and his family. It’s just a shame that his family isn’t as interesting.

Overall, Nobody is a brilliant, over-the-top, turn your mind off action film, similar to the likes of the John Wick franchise. Odenkirk’s performance as Hutch separates the film from being a clone of the John Wick franchise. While Ilya Naishuller’s direction and choreography elevates the film to something that every action fan should seek out. Nobody is currently screening in cinemas across the country.

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