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Justice League: Zack Snyder Cut review

It’s finally here! Zack Snyder‘s Justice League has officially made it onto our screens after 4-years of anticipation.

3 hours and 52 minutes of action, detail, and essentially an entirely different story all together has been released in what was meant to be Snyder’s original masterpiece. And let me tell you, it’s worth every minute.

Not only does this version take us more in-depth within the actual story plot, but it gives the sense of a whole different movie from start to finish.

Snyder had stepped down from the production of the movie before its release in 2017, due to the sudden death of his daughter. The film was then taken over by Joss Whedon, as an uncredited co-director, and was released per schedule in 2017 by Warner Bros.

Despite that, the fan-driven social media campaign was able to push for Snyder’s extended cut to be released this year.

NowUC covered the release of the Justice League trailer back in 2017, but it’s time we take a look at Snyder’s original vision for the film.

In order to establish how Snyder’s cut is different from the Warner Bros’ release and why it is the superior version, we first need to break down the movie’s components how these make the film the strongest contender.


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The tone of the movie is noticeably darker. Not only in its humour and overall character personalities but the tone of the visuals, in general, have been darkened. This even correlates to Superman’s new outfit!

The 2017 Joss Whedon cut had a more comedic, lighter tone to it, though cliché would be a more appropriate word to describe it. A reflection of a theme we have seen far too much in the superhero universe.

The Zack Snyder cut has far less humour involved throughout the movie, fewer cheesy jokes, and a deeper understanding of the seriousness within what’s happening in the storyline.

People may believe that a superhero movie should have a lighter tone, and this was in fact stated in NowUC’s previous review of the 2017 trailer, but I believe this movie does not need that.

The darker, more serious tone shows a better understanding of the story Snyder is trying to tell. Each character in the film is dealing with their own difficult situations and hardships. The movie’s tone embodies these emotions and conveys them to the audience extremely well.


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The Snyder cut’s character development and storylines go into greater detail than its predecessor.

In this version, we go into more depth over why everything is happening, who Steppenwolf is, who is Darkseid, and the context behind the invasion of earth.

We actually get to see the back story behind the attacks, instead of randomly having aliens invade a planet without any previous context from any other movie or source.

We also have a different outcome and story path for one of the Justice League members.

Victor Stone (also known as Cyborg) has a much bigger role within this story. Not only is his relevance clearer, but the development of his personality is far different from what was made of him in the Joss Whedon cut.


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Another factor in how this movie has allowed for more intensity and story-building comes down to the film’s length. 3 hours and 52 minutes of storytelling to ensure the viewers are fully immersed, ready to experience the movie’s impact.

With an additional 2 hours on top of the Whedon cut, they were able to explain the plot without skimming through half of what deserved to be on the big screen in the first place.

To think that Zack Snyder’s Justice League may never have made it into the public viewing is very concerning, considering how much it has meant to the DC universe as a whole.

So, if you want to see the redemption on the story that should have been, the streaming app Binge is the place for you. Enjoy.


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