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Questions I Still Have After the WandaVision Finale

SPOILER ALERT: There are spoilers ahead for the whole WandaVision series… read with caution.  

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The most anticipated Marvel series of the year, WandaVision, released its final episode on Disney+ in early March. The show centred around Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), following the events of the last Avengers movie, EndGame, in which we saw her grieve over the death of her partner, Vision (Paul Bettany).

Focused on various stages of grief and the effects they have, WandaVision set up the premise for the 4th phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), where we will see the introduction of new characters. This context cements WandaVision as an important piece of the MCU.

Since the airing of the first episode in January, many questions have been raised, leaving fans such as myself with much to speculate on.

The final episode was promoted as an ‘all questions answered’ finale; explaining why the hex was created,  the origins of Wanda’s powers and much more. The finale, however, played it safe with a bland ending and I have many questions that remain unanswered.

After watching and re-watching the entire series, three main questions remain present in my mind.



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1. Where Did Vision Go?

Whether Vision was alive or not was one of the main questions I had throughout the entire series, with multiple theories raised from fans. After watching his demise in End Game, I was shocked to see him supposedly ‘back to life’ in the series. The main suggestion was that Wanda’s magic brought him back to life.

After we saw him annihilated outside of the Hex (a fake world of Wanda’s creation) at the end of episode six, I started to question whether he and the kids were actually alive as Wanda can seemingly leave the Hex unharmed, as seen in episode five. Questions arose about whether Vision was another creation by Wanda, or if she was puppeteering his dead body after stealing it back from S.W.O.R.D. (the mysterious government intelligence agency featured throughout the series).

After it was revealed that she created him at the end of episode eight,  I lost hope that he would remain alive. My guess was that he was lived in Wanda’s hex, but would cease to exist as soon as he left, seeing as she didn’t have power to rule outside the Hex.

That was until White Vision came along, an exact copy of Vision but without the memories and data from original Vision. The Vision that Wanda created then transfers all his memories and data into the new White Vision. I assume that White Vision is now the embodiment for Vision, but where did the original go? After the transferring of memories and data, he simply flew off not to be seen again.

In the post-credits scene for the finale, we saw Wanda in a new house in the middle of nowhere, but couldn’t rule out whether Vision was there or not. Although we didn’t see him, he could be in a different room. If he wasn’t with Wanda, would he come back for her? Why would he have flown off instead of be with the woman he loves?

Was there perhaps something more important for him to attend to that would lead into the next phase of the Marvel Universe?

Either way, he’s out there somewhere and I can only hope to see him in the next set of Marvel films.

2. Who was the big cameo in the post-credits scene?

Elizabeth Olsen hinted to fans that the finale will have an important and surprising cameo.

In the post-credits scene, Captain of S.W.O.R.D., Monica Rambeau was summoned to the theatre to ‘meet an old friend of her mother’s’. We never end up seeing the person’s face, only Monica’s reaction to them, which seems to be that of joy. So who was it?

Fans have theorized that this cliffhanger will lead into the next phase of the MCU, or possibly lead Monica into her own film now that she has gained powers from entering Wanda’s hex. My guess, along with many others, is that the unseen figure was Captain Marvel recruiting Monica, which means we would see them fighting alongside each other in the second Captain Marvel film.

However, with Captain Marvel 2 set to be released in late 2022, fans won’t be finding out anytime soon.



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3. Are the Kids Still Alive?

With Wanda’s hex finally being destroyed in the finale, everything in Wanda’s fake life, including her family, went with it. I assumed, since Vision ceased to exist outside the hex, so would their kids, Tommy and Billy.

Just as Vision was created inside the hex by Wanda, so were the boys. Wanda even said goodbye to them in the final episode before the hex was destroyed.

However, in the last post-credits scene of the finale, we heard their voices calling for help, and Wanda stopped what she was doing straight away. Presumably, she was going to go help them, but how were they alive?  How did they survive the hex and become people of the real world?

I speculate that the kids survived because of their powers. They are major characters in the comics, becoming part of the Young Avengers, so my guess is that this will lead into the new Avengers films, or perhaps their own film.



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As a long-time Marvel fan, I think the series definitely lived up to the high expectations with all of its intricate details and nods to the comics.

However, while WandaVision brought us lots of answers, it also brought us lots of questions that are most likely going to be answered in the upcoming Marvel films, or even in season two of WandaVision.

Both are a while away, so fans will have to stay patient if they are eager for answers like me.

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