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Are P Platers Victims of Stereotyping?

P Platers have amassed a stigma of dangerous and problematic driving on the road by the general public. Though P Platers do make up a portion of accidents on the road, drivers of all ages and levels of experiences are putting themselves in danger by making poor decisions, such as speeding and dangerous driving. But just how much of this stigma is stereotyping young drivers as dangerous due to their inexperience, and are P plates a symbol for this?

Motorists are targeting their annoyance of bad drivers towards P platers and, often brushed under a rug, people do not think about the consequence this stigma could have on inexperienced drivers. In fact, most do not even know why we have so much annoyance towards P platers. Why do they have such negative stigma?

Elizabeth Kovacs · Feature Podcast – P Platers

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