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Genesis Owusu Presents ‘Smiling With No Teeth’

Concert at UC Hub. Dark stage with man performing

Kofi Owusu-Ansah, known most famously by his stage name Genesis Owusu, performed at the University of Canberra’s hub in mid-April, presenting his debut album Smiling with No Teeth.

Genesis Owusu is becoming a well-known name around Australia, with an expanding fan base, and nationally sold out shows.

Not so long ago Kofi was a journalism student at the University of Canberra with aspiring dreams to travel and work as a music journalist, however he followed a different dream, expanding his career as a successful musician.

It was exciting going to watch a Genesis Owusu concert in his hometown. Many fans were also eager to see him, waiting patiently in the darkness of the UC hub. The chatter in the hub grew louder as the equipment was set up for Genesis to start his set.

As Genesis stepped out on stage, the darkness of the UC hub was lifted with beams of light covering him. There was a loud roar from the audience applauding his introduction.

Crowd gathered at concert at the University of Canberra

It was evident in his performance how much it meant to be playing in his hometown.

The concert started with the upbeat and groovy track The Other Black Dog. The crowd was screaming the lyrics to the song, jumping around and dancing. It was a great start to the concert.

The atmosphere at the concert was incredible. Everyone stayed engaged throughout the whole concert with Genesis Owusu constantly interacting with the crowd.

During the show, his ability to control the crowds mood through his songs and influence was an experience within itself. The crowd were at his own hands and were loving every moment of it.

This was on full display during one of his more intensely slowed down songs, A Song About Fishing. After having the crowd up in the air for all his prior tracks, this one got them swaying from side to side. Lighting up the crowd with torch lights with our phones.

A moment of harmony in the crowd after what had been a crazy start to his performance. With the crowd singing back in unison creating an atmosphere of pure bliss, it wasn’t long before he got us all up and dancing in full swing.

Fans were also lucky enough to sing happy birthday to Genesis midway through the show, when he brought out a cake in celebration for his 23rd birthday.

Crowd at concert at UC hub

Multiple times throughout the concert, Genesis walked off stage and into the darkness of the rowdy mosh pit to sing and dance with his fans whilst performing.

The performance continued with Genesis showcasing songs that mixed various genres such as hip-hop, rap and alternative, creating a new and exciting sound that people were clearly enjoying.

He performed some of his most famous songs from the album including Don’t Need You and Good Times. Throughout the concert, Genesis was wearing bandages across his face. He started to pull them off whilst singing signifying the themes of his album.

In an interview with Atwood Magazine, Genesis explained how his album tackles difficult topics such as racism and depression, topics that he feels need to be heard but he has created their meanings in an ‘upbeat and sexy’ way.

After the concert had finished, I talked to some fans about their experiences and feelings about the event.

Fan wearing merchandise from concert

“It was great to see how much Kofi has grown and how much he cares about his fans. I love watching him perform!”- Hannah, 23

“Genesis’ Owusu’s concert was so much fun. The mosh was a bit crazy with so many people jumping around, but this Is one of the best concerts I have ever been to. The crowd was wild, and everyone seemed so happy to be here.”- Celine, 23

“I can’t wait to attend another Genesis concert. It was fun listening to a new artist. Even though my friends [and I] hadn’t heard much of his music before we loved the atmosphere! Everyone was dancing.”- Jackson, 21

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