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England’s 2015 World Cup Debacle – What the Internet Says

The 2015 Cricket World Cup knockout stage gets underway this week, but even before the first ball was bowled, shockwaves have travelled through the tournament.

England’s early exit last week at the hands of Bangladesh has sent the cricket world into a meltdown with many disgruntled fans, and hysterical anti-fans, jumping all over the latest humiliation of the English via the internet.

Memes, tweets, hashtags and videos have been unleashed upon the English players, their management, and even the England Cricket Board.

NowUC has dived into the forums of cricket fans, and come up with the Top 10 Internet Assaults on the English Cricket Team.

Eoin Morgan headed back to Ireland?

Meme No. 1

Source by @paddypower, March 9, 2015

The English captain is Irish by birth, and played in the 2007 World Cup for Ireland.  This clever piece of photoshopping suggests that perhaps he should consider hopping back on a ferry across the Irish Sea, given his birth country managed to win three games at this World Cup, compared to England’s two.  However, Morgan only made 90 runs in five matches during the 2015 tournament, prompting many critics to say he might be lucky to even play for them.

Andy Lee’s new career as a travel agent.

Meme No.2

Source by @andy_lee, March 9, 2015

Even celebrities were willing to have their say, with the Australian comedian quickly taking this witty screen shot of England’s new revised travel itinerary.  Lee added the caption “Dear England, Did some research for you. Regards, Andy”, just to make sure the English knew the message had come from a supporter of the old enemy.

A new challenge for England, but not from who you might think.

Meme No.3

Source by @CricketJapan, March 9, 2015

This cheeky tweet from a country not normally associated with cricket stirs the pot for the Englishmen, who many expected to stay on at least past the quarter finals.  The rest of the Japan Cricket Association’s page is largely filled with tweets, support and promotions for the other associate nations who competed in the 2015 World Cup – Ireland, UAE, Afghanistan and Scotland.  The #challenge was the cherry on top.

An oldie but a goodie.

Meme No.4

Source by @steve_l15, March 9, 2015

This isn’t the first time this meme has appeared on the internet mocking an English sporting team.  A similar one appeared during England’s poor 2014 FIFA World Cup campaign.  The differences – AB De Villiers and Brendon McCullum are the strong performers in the other teams, rather than South American soccer stars Messi and Neymar.  However, the last frame is the same.  England departing the tournament early on a British Airways flight.

The Scottish reaction.

Meme No.5

Source by @BetVictor, March 9, 2015

Scotland didn’t exactly have the perfect tournament either, failing to win any of their six games.  But this vine implies they took just as much pleasure at England’s failings as the rest of the world.  Tennis idol Andy Murray is one of Scotland’s most recognisable faces, and this witty caption combined with some selective editing puts plenty of thoughts in his mouth.  It’s amazing what the internet can do.

What to do with the coaching staff.

Meme No.6

Source by @timbolton1, March 9, 2015

English coach Peter Moores was widely criticised in the English Media for his response to the question “why England failed to win the match?” His answer was “We thought 275 was chaseable… We shall have to look at the data.”

The Guardian reported this now controversial response in the following manner.  “It really does make you want to bang your head on the table, or better still, bang the coach’s head instead.”

Of course, the unofficial journalists of the world were all over it as well, creating computer generated images like the one above.  Not only was Moores’ World Cup shut down, his logic and coaching methods were as well.

Ex-England Players Embarrassed.

Meme No.7

Source by @MichaelVaughan, March 9, 2015

Many England cricketers from past days were livid, with ex-captain Michael Vaughan’s #MyArse after the match generating over 3000 retweets, favourites and comments.

The ever present Piers Morgan having his say.

Meme No.8

Source 1Source 2 and Source 3 by @piersmorgan, March 9, 2015

For anyone who doesn’t know, Piers Morgan is an English journalist currently working in the USA for the Daily Mail.  He has been critiqued at times for his outspoken and aggressive manner when he speaks on topics he is passionate about, for example English Cricket.  After their World Cup exit was no different, Morgan immediately took to twitter on multiple occasions, criticising the team, the coach and the managing director of the England Cricket Board.  These are just three of his more scathing tweets.

Tea Break.

Meme No.9

Source by @WillHillAus, March 9, 2015

A nice straightforward Q&A joke.

Bangladeshi Pride.

Meme No.10

Source by @Isam84, March 9, 2015

This one isn’t so much a joke, or witty comment putting down England.  It’s more about the other side of the coin – the Bangladeshis.  These pictures give you some idea of how big a deal this was to the Bangladesh fans.  It’s enough to bring a smile to your face, irrespective of who you support, or even if you’re not a sports fan at all.

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