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The Great Corin Forest Easter Egg Hunt

The Great Corin Forest Easter Egg Hunt

While Easter 2018 has come and gone, there were plenty of events happening across Canberra to celebrate the holiday with family and friends. One was The Corin Forest Easter Egg Hunt that saw over 1000 people attend.

This is the second year that the Corin Forest has held the Easter egg hunt, and once again, it has proved to be a success. With two Easter egg hunts being held at 11am and 1pm across all four days of the Easter weekend, around 200 people were found to attend each session.

A free event for all ages, families with young children made up the bulk of the hunters and there was plenty of chocolate to go around.

Last year, 1600 people attended the hunt on Good Friday alone, and as a result, the mountain officers at Corin Forest were prepared and make sure no one went home empty-handed.

The officers say they can easily go through 1000 Easter eggs per day, and introduced bookings this year to get a better estimate on the number of people attending the hunt.

The Corin Forest Easter Egg Hunt also hosted games – there was a bunny hopping competition for the kids, with the winner being awarded a massive Eater Egg.

Chocolate prizes were also given out to families that could produce the largest ball of tin foil made from their Easter egg wrappers.

But if chocolate isn’t your thing, Corin Forest also had other attractions open for the public. The Alpine Slide, a kilometre-long metal track, where you control your speed, was a family favourite this weekend, with a minimum half hour wait time during the peak periods of the day.

And to help burn off all the chocolate that was eaten, Corin Forest is surrounded by beautiful walking tracks. Just down the road you will find Gibraltar Falls, a magnificent waterfall with a 1000m drop. With tracks ranging from 15 mins to 1 hour, there is a bush walk for everyone.

If you missed out on the Corin Forest Easter Egg hunt this year, don’t worry, there will be another hunt held in 2019.

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