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Rise Above Convoy For Cancer Raises Money For Canberra Cancer Patients

On March 31st 2019, The Rise Above Convoy For Cancer hosted a Banga Sanga’s for Cancer event at the G-Spot located at the Gunghalin Lakes Golf and Community Club on Gunghalin Drive.

The Rise Above Convoy For Cancer is an annual event that raises money for over 900 Canberra families whose loved ones have been diagnosed with cancer.

The G-Spot have hosted a number of different charity events over the years. Earlier this year they raised money for drought-stricken farmers.

Rise Above are an organisation that supports the families of those who have been affected by cancer. Whether it be paying for car rego, a new pair of soccer boots for the kids, or even groceries for the week, Rise Above are committed to helping these affected families when they need it most.

The G-Spot is a Gungahlin based food van that’s well known for its generous support of the community, and their irresistible deep fried Mars Bars.

The convoy raised over $410,000 last year, with this year’s goal set at around $500,000.

Sausage sandwiches could be purchased for either $3, $5 or $10 with the idea that those who could afford to pay more, could.

G-Spot Owner Andrew Dale says that by offering three different price points, everyone is able to donate as much as they can manage. “Some people can pull a $20, $50, $100 out of their wallet and say no worries, because they’re earning an amount that can allow them to do that,” said Dale.

“But you also have others that are struggling, that are looking through their change and going $2.50, $2.65, $2.70. But that $3 is more giving than the $100.”

G-Spot Owner Andrew Dale uses his 8,000 Facebook followers to assist the Canberra community, saying it’s “vital” to use his platform for good.

The G-Spot partnered with The Australian Street Machine Association who donated 800 sausages and The Breadman Bakery in Belconnen who donated 65 loaves of bread. Enhance Chiropractors also attended the event, and offered $10 massages with all proceeds going to Rise Above as well.

The cost of fuel to pick up the items and the cost of drinks available for purchase on the day were all covered from Andrew’s own pocket. By partnering with other local businesses, and covering some of the costs himself, Andrew is able to guarantee that nearly 100% of the money raised will go directly to the charity.

“It just means that people know exactly where the money is going, with no questions about how the money is being used or how much money is actually going to the charity.”

The day was a huge success, with over $1000 being raised for Rise Above. Kids and adults alike enjoyed hot sausage sanga’s, cold drinks, and fantastic company. The smell of a good BBQ was unavoidable, as was the energetic and hopeful atmosphere created by Andrew and the rest of the G-Spot crew. You can be assured that Rise Above will continue to create inviting and fun events in the hopes of helping as many of Canberra’s cancer affected community as possible.

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