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The Diplomatic Tennis Tournament – Bringing the Diplomatic Community Closer to Australia

The bi-annual Diplomatic Australian Tennis Tournament was just held on the 6th and 7th of April, continuing its long-running success as a social tennis event among diplomats and local Australians here in Canberra.

The tournament, which dates back to 1968, continues to provide opportunities for members of the diplomatic community to enjoy tennis while being posted in Canberra. Local residents and tennis enthusiasts within the diplomatic community meet to compete in a fun social gathering held at diplomatic missions and private residencies across the ACT.

The finals of the tournament took place at the New Zealand High Commissioner’s Residence on the 7th of April. Here, members of Canberra’s tennis community came together and enjoyed an exciting day of tennis, as well as sumptuous a lunch and dessert prepared by the committee.

DATC consultant and committee member, Tony Eastaway has been involved in the tournament since the beginning.

“Originally, there was only one tournament held each year, but it became so popular that we had to instigate two tournaments a year,” he said.

This social event’s continuing success can be attributed to its potential to bring people together, as well as to the popularity of tennis as a sport that can be played by people of all ages.

Eastaway also spoke about the powerful impact of the tournament in helping diplomats network not only with their peers in the diplomatic community but also with the local community, including Australian politicians and bureaucrats.

“I think it helps the diplomatic community to meet Australians because things here are different from what they’re used to in other countries,” he said. “It helps them get in touch with Australians and understand the culture, bringing people together.”

Furthermore, the popularity of tennis in Australia also plays a significant role in the success of this tournament.

“Australia is known for its tennis prowess,” Eastaway said. “People coming here have a good opportunity to learn about tennis, even if they don’t play.”

This year’s tournament was blessed with great weather and exciting competition. The high interest among tournament participants and the local community all come together to make it a huge success.

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