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Canberra 2060: Futures with a Capital F

‘Canberra 2060: Futures with a Capital F’ is an interactive theatrical game that inspires the general public to think about the future of the Nation’s capital. Hosted by Boho Interactive as part of the Where You Are Festival, the game encourages audiences experiencing theatre event both live at Canberra Theatre Centre and remotely under the impact of COVID-19.

In the wake of bushfires, hailstorms and the coronavirus pandemic, the event gives audiences an opportunity to start a conversation about facing Australia’s unpredictable future. Through a hands-on and intuitive process, the game connects participants to scientific ideas in an interesting way.

“It’s incredibly important that as Australians we all think about the future, the place that we are living in, and how we are going to manage that,” says Nathan Harrison, lead event creator from Boho Interactive. “We hope by giving regular people the tools to have those conversations, we can try and push things a lot a bit, and hopefully get things to a place where politicians are working more with scientists that are communicating better and thinking more productively about the threat that we might face in the future.”

By translating scientific ideas into games, Boho Interactive hopes the conversations drive positive changes for Canberra over the next few decades.

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