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Celebrity Makeovers

We’ve all seen drastic changes of childhood stars ranging from their appearance to strong body modifications. Some have changed for health reasons; others have altered their appearance for an acquired taste.

The five most severe makeovers include:

1. Michael Jackson.
We’ve all seen the transformation video of Jackson’s facial features. Jackson never admits to getting cosmetic surgery and instead gives his own version of events as to why his skin colour has changed. He only states that he ever had two nose jobs and constantly blames his altered appearance on a skin condition called vitiligo.

2. Lady Gaga
Originally named Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta first came to fame at age 22, when she released her first album Fame in 2008. Since then her appearance has changed dramatically, ranging from crazy hair colour to more serious body modifications which recently included the insertion of horns in her cheek bones.

3. Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay first came into the spotlight during her role in the 1998 The Parent Trap when she was just 12 years of age. Since then, her appearance has changed dramatically. It does look like she has had some work done as her face seems to be quite plump as though she has had some filler injections.

4. Jonah Hill
Not all teenage celebrities have transformed in a bad way. Jonah hill has changed for the better. Jonah is most famous for his role in the 2007 comedy, Super Bad and has since lost remarkable amount of weight he confessed that he sought advice from a nutritionist to help him get his life on track. Since then he has been recognised for his actions and even been nominated as a stud in Cosmo magazine.

5. Amanda Bynes
Amanda was 20 years old when she made her debut with the 2006 movie She’s the man. Earlier this week she tweeted her new look for fans which has sparked controversy. Her shocking selfie revealed new bleach blonde hair, heavy makeup and diamond cheek piercings. This new look is a drastic change to her previous girl-next-door appearance.

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