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Suits Television Review

Confidence or cockiness whatever it maybe the television series ‘Suits’ has tailored it’s fast paced anecdotes nearly as good as the handmade attire. The ‘Pearson and Hardman’ legal firm creates the dynamic, yet destructive environment to manipulate means, intelligence and relationships to achieve the ultimate goal- to win.

Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) can be seen as Sherlock Holmes, always one step ahead with the confidence of continual successful endeavours. Mike Ross (played by Patrick J Adams) is John Watson; he plays an integral role but will always be in in the shadows.

Once the boys have laid their poker faces on the table, the character tiffs become more enjoyable than the episodes legal case drama. Throw in a little romance, sexual tension, personal dramas and hey why not some legal terminology and cases, the result, a hit series?

So it sounds the same as any other court based drama. The main difference of this series is the introduction and accentuation of the main character. Mike Ross, a genius first year associate who has never gone to law school, despite the pre-requisite Harvard Law degree required to enter the prestigious ‘Pearson and Hardman’ firm.

With him originating from the mist of marijuana and taking law entrance exams for those struggling with intelligence, but certainly not funds, petitions himself far from the shiny suit.

Season two centralises the relationship between Harvey and Mike, the natural bounce the two have off each other enhances the events that unfold throughout the series, and in particular the final episode. Beyond the bouncing relationships and beyond the suits, it’s a civil war in the courtroom and in the firm. With secrets revealed and ethical and legal boundaries tested, trust and the power of knowledge can be a very dangerous mix in this firm.

With the third season set to release in the USA in June this year, it won’t be too far until it reaches us here down-under. Let’s just hope the suits do not become too worn for wear.

Score: 3.5/5

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