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Dethklok The Doomstar Requiem Album Review

The Doomstar Requiem is Dethklok’s (mainly the work of series creator Brendon Small) fourth studio album and is a large departure from their previous works (Dethalbums I, II and III). The Doomstar Requiem chronicles the events that take place after the end of season  four of Metalocalypse and sets up the fifth season. The musical is about Dethklok and their allies attempt to rescue their band mate and rhythm guitarist Toki Wartooth (Brendon Small, Mike Keneally) and producer Abigail Remeltindrinc (Raya Yarbrough); From the dastardly clutches of The Revengencers, the Metal Masked Assassin (George “Corpseginder” Fisher) and Dethklok’s previous rhythm guitarist Magnus Hammersmith (Brendon Small).

The story of Toki entering Dethklok.

As a musical The Doomstar Requiem features many of the characters from the Dethklok universe giving vocal performances aside from Dethklok’s singer Nathan Explosion (Brendon Small) and the occasional work of Pickles the drummer (Brendon Small). This album contain many songs of a variety of styles. From soothing melodies (Abigail’s Lullaby and How Can I Be a Hero) to the boy band/pop style of Given it Back to You. This album is a soundtrack to a musical, and while the songs are great by themselves; the animated sequences really add to the overall  presentation of the musical as it allows its viewers to appreciate the lyrics to the fullest. The Doom Star Requiem is a great album full of entertaining songs that come together to create what is possibly one of the greatest musicals of all time, filled with messages of brotherhood, friendship and metal.

Given’ it back to you.

By Tim Rice

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