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Stamping out Australia’s macho drinking culture

By Carley-Louise Hitchins

Canberra’s partygoers are attempting to stamp out the Australian ‘macho culture’ to eliminate alcohol-fuelled violence and prevent lockout laws.

The rugby players of the Canberra Viking’s team have started an ongoing education program to bring awareness to alcohol-fuelled violence by highlighting disorderly behaviour as ‘uncool’.

The motivation behind the program is the players’ passion for preventing Canberra’s nightlife being ruined but also creating an environment that is as safe as it is fun.

The Vikings first grade flanker, Jacob Knight, feels very strongly about eliminating the ‘pack mentality’ among groups of men in Civic.

“Its just idiots trying to prove themselves to their mates, what’s cool about king hitting some drunk kid half your size anyway?” Mr Knight said. “Hopefully the program will help the younger generation to see that if it continues, no one will be able to enjoy themselves.”

The program, which is currently in its development stages, consists of weekly discussions about appropriate behaviour and creating awareness around binge drinking.

The long-term goal is to integrate the program into schools and younger rugby clubs so that the education surrounding these topics will help to lessen the amount of alcohol fuelled violence and deaths.

With hearts as big as their quads, the Vikings Rugby players are on their way to making a change within our society.

Carley-Louise Hitchins has this report.

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