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Local Bonsai Exhibition Fascinates Crowds

Bonsai artists and keen onlookers gathered on the 1st and 2nd of April at the Weston Community Hub for the annual Bonsai Exhibition, held by the Weston Creek Bonsai Club.

pink bonsai
A pink bonsai. Photo by Zoe Middleton.

The exhibition was set up beautifully, with the bonsai on display in a round area. The miniature trees sat neatly in front of cardboard displays, which allowed the craftsmanship and artistry of them to stand out, with some dating from 1978 all the way up to the newer plants sprouting in 2016. The artists were scattered around the room, ready to answer any questions about their trees on display, and it was fascinating to learn how important every detail of the bonsai is to the artist, right down to the very pot that they grow in.


Bonsai trees
Bonsai trees. Photo by Zoe Middleton.

Along with the captivating display, there were bonsai for sale as well as tools and pots to create your own piece of leafy art at home. Graham Cook, a new member of the Weston Creek Bonsai Club sells his handmade pots at these events.

“I’ve been in the artistry of bonsai for about 15 years,” said Cook.

“I am a bonsai artist, I like shaping trees, but I am also a potter so I make pots and then sell them which supports my bonsai habit.”

It was interesting to learn about how expensive the craft of shaping bonsai is, with many of the traditional Japanese made tools at the show selling for over $150.

At 2pm, we were invited into a separate room to view a bonsai trimming and shaping demonstration. This involved a tree being de-potted and the re-potted into a bonsai pot and then shaped to form a cascade bonsai. The process was a lengthy one, using very strong wire to wind around the branches of the tree in order to shape it down alongside the pot.

bonsai trimming
Trimming of a bonsai tree. Photo by Zoe Middleton.

The weekend’s event was a success with many Bonsai enthusiasts as well as some interested members of the public dropping by.

One event goer, Barbara thought the Bonsai were wonderful to look at.

“I found the festival to be much more interesting than I initially thought it would be,” said Barbara.

“It was great to see so many different varieties of Bonsai on display.”

To find out more about the Weston Creek Bonsai Group, send an email to

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