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Questacon Above and Beyond: Exhibition Review

Any Canberran in their early 20’s cannot escape the overwhelming nostalgia that hits them when entering Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre. Instantly, you are flooded with memories of your many primary school science excursions.

When walking into the Above and Beyond exhibition, you are welcomed to a vastness of cool dark blue with the accompaniment of soothing music. The first step into the exhibition launches you into the void of space. The blue allows the exhibit pieces to stand out, instantly igniting curiosity in the hearts of its wanderers.

Above and Beyond entrance, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur


Full Throttle, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur

The exhibition showcases the science behind flight, space travel, and the future of space travel. Above and Beyond features five main interactive activities. Full Throttle happened to be the one that all the children flocked to. This activity allows users to virtually design their own aircraft and test it on a flying simulation game with a control board and a driving plane stick.

Full Throttle, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur




The exhibition demonstrates how much technology has been integrated into our education. The majority of the exhibit was digital, with augmented reality activities, touch screens and computer monitor displays. The interactive pieces at Questacon in the early 2000’s used buttons and machines to demonstrate the science. Unfortunately unlike the other exhibits, there are no free souvenirs that the children can take home.

Something that we do not realise as adults is that every element of the Questacon exhibits are designed to inspire. In addition to the many information boards, the staff are designated to explain the science and tell children how they can produce this science in their future.

Mini Cinema, Photo Credit: Kilau Timur

As a child my focus was to find the most enjoyable, interactive game rather than learn and find inspiration. Questacon was the closest thing to an amusement park in Canberra.

Hopefully there are children that come to Above and Beyond and find inspiration to study aeronautical engineering.

Above and Beyond is both for the children and the children at heart who love space and aircraft. Be sure to fly into space before the exhibit takes off on 23 July, at Questacon.

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