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Game Night Review

Directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, this action packed comedy has more twists and turns than your standard car racing track.

Starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, as Max and Annie, a couple who come together through their love of yep, that’s right you guessed it, games. Their competitive streaks that they both hold has them made for each other and that is seen through many instances in the movie. Max’s better looking, wealthier brother Brooks (Kyle Chandler) strolls into town and hosts his very own game night with the theme being murder mystery.

At the game night, Max and Annie are joined by high school sweethearts Michelle (Kylie Bunbury) and Kevin (Lamorne Morris), kind-hearted simpleton Ryan (Billy Magnussen), and his sharp Irish date Sarah (Sharon Horgan), but not the strange neighbour Gary (Jesse Plemmons) who lives to be invited to a game night.

The game seemingly starts off fine, however a twist sees the game going downhill quickly, the players are unaware that Brooks has been taken by actual kidnappers. Leading the players on a game with many twists and turns, whilst searching for the all important key to Brook’s freedom, each turn uncovers a new revelation. With McAdams and Bateman at the helm, this movie is sure to have everyone laughing.

The movie is proving a smash hit with a number of pundits giving it successful ratings as well as comments from the public via Twitter raving about the comedy.

If these tweets are anything to go by, Game Night is well worth the admission fee and will leave you in stitches and questioning what you have just witnessed.

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