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Q&A with Melbourne band, Press Club

Press Club. Haven’t heard of them? Well you definitely should look them up. Raw with a strong female lead, Press Club are an iconic Melbourne band that are making waves with their debut album; Late Teens.

Bass player, Iain MacRae caught up with us at Now UC to answer some questions before the release of their album.

  1. Your debut album is out March 16th which is awesome! How was the process of creating an album totally independent?

It was an enormous amount of effort and sacrifice to do everything in-house. I couldn’t even guess how many hundreds of hours we’ve each individually put in to the artwork, song writing, recording, mixing and just every tiny thing.


  1. Where do the ideas come from for writing songs? Who has the biggest input into them?

We work best collaboratively. Someone will bring a small riff or motif to the table and we’ll build it into a proper song. It’s time consuming but we end out with a finished song that everyone has their unique musical imprint on, be it the playing style or song structure.


  1. How has the journey been starting off as a small Melbourne band? What is it like having your songs now played on the radio?

It’s been good. Pretty whirlwind though. We played our first show in February ’17 and started getting airplay in May.


  1. Is there a real sense of community within the Melbourne music scene?

There’s so many scenes and groups within the broader Melbourne music community that there definitely is camaraderie on a clique level. I mean, we’re from a social crew that’s full of musicians so we’re all pretty tight.


  1. What has been some of the best shows you’ve ever performed?

New Year Eves on the Hill takes the cake. But some of the support slots we’ve played have been wild too. Japandroids, Joyce Manor, DZ Deathrays, Ceres, Horace Bones and Sinking Teeth were all remarkable shows, so was Cloud Nothings last weekend.


  1. How stoked were you to hear that you would be supporting The Smith Street Band in the upcoming tour?

Pretty rapt. It’s a huge undertaking so we weren’t too sure how we were gonna pull it off. It’s a massive leg up though. To hit so many cities in Australia so early on in the piece.


  1. What is the next stage for the band after releasing the album?

I’ve been emailing Elon Musk about seeing if we can be the first band on Mars, I wanna cover The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars. If that falls through I’d love to keep playing shows and maybe go overseas. We’ve gotta get our second album cracking too.

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