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Q&A with UC Sustainability Club's President, Bianca Knox

Bianca Knox, President and founder of the UC sustainability Club (Image Supplied)

Bianca Knox is a fourth year Architecture student at the University of Canberra. The Canberra local is passionate about sustainability. This year Ms Knox founded the Sustainability Club at UC and acts as the role of President. Courtney Green spoke to her about all things Sustainability Club, why it’s important, and what UC students can do to live a more sustainable life.
Question: What made you want to start the Sustainability Club?
Answer: The main reason we started was to create a platform for students and staff to share ideas and educate each other on different sustainability issues prominent on and off campus. There didn’t seem to be any other similar clubs or societies focusing on community-based sustainability initiatives so we wanted to see what the response would be like.
The Sustainability’s Club unofficial Market Day stall (Image Supplied)

Q: What was the process like starting a society at UC?
A: It was much more formal than I had expected! We had to do up a business plan and everything which was a shock because we didn’t think we needed funding or support or that many people would even want to join. The process was beneficial because it forced us to outline our goals and that has been a huge help.
Q: What has the response been like to the Sustainability Club?
A: The unofficial market day stall we held, because we didn’t have approval as a club, ended up being such a hit. More than 60 people signed up to the email list which we are still using to send out info about the few events we have had. I think with more events and promotion the club has so much potential to engage a significant number of students which is exciting.
Reusable coasters, as part of the Sustainability Club’s efforts to reduce waste (Image Supplied)

Q: What will the Sustainability Club do for UC?
A: The main aim is to really spark individual sustainability amongst students because to us that appears to be the way we can have the most significant impact. This all stems from us being able to engage with each other and share ideas even if it is just to remind ourselves that these issues still exist. We had an event last week called, Beers and Ideas, which felt like a really casual way to talk about important things and we all got so much out of it. The next thing on our agenda is a sign making meet up to try and promote waste reduction on campus, like reducing straw use and encouraging people to bring reusable mugs.
Q: Why are you passionate about sustainability?
A: I’m passionate about it because the small choices we make every day have a larger impact than we think. If we can encourage people to be more open and mindful about consumption and waste on campus it will hopefully spark a change that soon becomes the norm.
Q: What are some tips you have for students to be more sustainable?
– Bring your reusable mug
– Bring cutlery and your own container and even your own food if you’re that switched on
– Request no straw when you order drinks
– Bus or bike to campus if you can
For more information about the UC Sustainability Club, or tips to reduce your waste you can head to their Facebook page.

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