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“It’s Insomnia Central”: Rip-Roaring Vehicles Have Been Annoying Residents On Tharwa Drive

For months, residents living next to Tharwa Drive near the Mentone View roundabout have been disturbed by loud motor vehicles that use the road as a drag strip late at night.

One angry resident (who elected to remain anonymous) describes this predicament as ‘insomnia central’. “You’re just nodding off and you hear this thing roaring past even if you’ve got the window closed…I’ve been suffering insomnia central for ages”, he says.

The vehicles are said to accelerate loudly nearly a kilometre down Tharwa Drive late at night, sometimes into the early hours of the morning.

The worst of the commotion is said to happen Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights; however the roar of an engine can be heard at least once nightly.

Adam Cunningham, an avid motorbike enthusiast, describes motorbike riding as “a sense of freedom that nothing else relates to”. However he condemns the behaviour of these motorists using Tharwa Drive late at night in such an erratic manor.

“There is no need for that hooligan behaviour,”. Throughout the conversation he stresses that the majority of the motorbike community do the right thing and that such late-night-drag-racing behaviour is unacceptable.

At the moment it is unclear if the authorities are aware of these motorists. The vibe from the residents is that they will be taking the matter to the police in the near future.


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