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Review: I Feel Pretty

I Feel Pretty: written by and staring Amy Schumer, is modern rom-com which focuses on loving yourself more than some guy.

Schumer, stars as Renee Bennett who views herself as a slightly over-weight, plain looking woman who is working for the company of her dreams, just not in the position or location she desires. Renee lacks the self-confidence to hit on guys, to push her way through the crowd at a bar, and to apply for her dream job.

After a knock on the head at a spin cycle class, Renee’s perception of how she views herself changes. While the audience and the rest of cast see her no differently, Renee sees herself as a glamorous supermodel-type and her self-esteem and confidence goes from zero to 100 real quick.

Rory Scovel, stars as Schumer’s love interest Ethan, because you can’t have a romantic-comedy without any romance.


The film received a 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and fairly harsh critical reviews:

“‘I Feel Pretty’ takes a talented comic and casts her in the worst possible light.” – The New York Post

“‘I Feel Pretty’ wants to eat its cake and have it, too — inviting us to laugh at women because of how they look, while scolding us for doing so.” – The Washington Post

I Feel Pretty may not win any awards or set any box office records, but what it did achieve is having an all-star female cast, whilst challenging perceptions on beauty standards, which may just be rarer than an Oscar.

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