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Kevin Hart Netflix Review: The good, the brilliant and the down right Irresponsible!

In his first ever Netflix special, ‘Irresponsible’, Kevin Hart brings the same intense, physical and ebullient energy that has made him one of the world’s most famous comedic stars.

Performed at London’s O2 arena, the Netflix special was filmed before Hart’s well-known Oscar controversy, where he was announced as host but walked away after public outcry over his past history of homophobic jokes dating back to 2008.

The show began with Hart presenting himself as an open book, zoning in on his usual talk of family, friends, and his recent ‘Irresponsible’ mistakes. He openly talks about his second marriage, his children and how his past decisions have developed him into the man he is today.

Hart makes use of a centre stage, continuing to tell humorous and personal stories that give the audience a deeper insight into his life. He roleplays every scenario, squeezing out every little drop until the joke is finished and the audience is exhausted laughing, gasping for air.

Hart presents a large range of personal stories, from him explaining how he wants to kill his children, to a story of pretending to not see his dog take a deuce so his wife would clean it up and about his infidelity trip to Las Vegas saying, “what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.”

His performance peaks during the second half of the show. Hart discusses several different scenarios, including about where in his house he has hidden guns in case of a robbery. Hart can barely contain himself delivering the final situation, leaving the audience in hysteria.


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The key to ‘Irresponsible’ is Hart’s ability to own his embarrassing moments and strive on times where he was needlessly insecure, including his height, sexual performance and fatherhood.

As a lifelong fan of Kevin Hart, his jokes are fresh, but familiar, especially when he talks about his children. I was constantly laughing.

Hart carries his latest show with his infectious energy, pulling the audience from one story to the next with a pace that rarely leaves them time to draw a breath.

Hart’s ‘Irresponsible’ is without a doubt hilarious and his unquestioning talent as an entertainer is simply undeniable in this performance.

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